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Tony and Gibbs adjust to having separate teams while planning their wedding, cases that were laid to rest spring to new life, Dorney learns what it means to be an agent, and everyone learns the hard way that nothing is as it seems. Sorry it took so long to get it up here, but life should be returning to normal tomorrow, and we'll return to our regularly scheduled postings. I'm going to be home finally tomorrow, and had some time to finish editing tonight! This is possibly my longest chapter ever, but I just could not decide on a decent place to split it.Thanks for all the awesome feedback y'all have sent me :) Hope you enjoy this one!

There are things he didn't know about me until last night that I've known about him for months now. Jethro took out the pesto from the fridge as Tony entered the room, and turned around to find him behind him, ready to wrap his arms around him.

He sat the pesto down as he obliged, and they stood silently for a long couple of minutes."Is he going to be okay? He's really upset that they have to make this decision so quickly. I'm going to go check on Dorney.""If he's up, tell him I made enough pasta for him. ""Horrible," Ned answered, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

All the preaching about taking your time to figure out if it's love or infatuation I've done is coming back to bite me. You won't give up on 'em." Jethro squeezed him a little tighter, and then let go to work on the pasta. He should probably eat something.""Okay."Tony headed up the steps slowly, not sure what to say to his agent if he found him awake. Tony could see he'd been crying, and he winced."That's pretty much to be expected. "Ned began to shake his head no, but then stopped and shrugged. Can't really tell what I'm feeling right now at all. This one is a basil pesto thing with some tomatoes and sometimes he roasts corn to put in there.

He must have started applying that from the word go, but he believes Dorney didn't know he likes guys until last night, therefore, he hasn't had time to apply the same principle and think this through. He knocked gently on the door and waited a moment."Come in," Ned's voice said faintly on the other side. Everything is just so jacked up.""Yeah, it is." Tony sat down in the desk chair again. Not sure if he did that this time or not.""That actually sounds pretty good," Ned said, looking towards the door."You wanna talk about it?

He's worried that Dorney might not feel as strongly as he does yet, and that he's going to choose them, and find out some kind of big secret that he can't handle. " Tony asked, unsure of what else to say."What's there to talk about? Tony decided to indulge him since it was obviously lifting his spirits."The top layer is going to be a white almond cake with buttercream icing.

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