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I’m too lazy to look but I don’t think she was 21 when this happened. I was at the tournament trying to make contacts and do some networking. It was a thank you to the sponsors and an opportunity for them to get up close and personal with the players and for me to get not only free booze, but also free food. I remember that Jennifer Capriati was there and this was the year of her comeback, maybe the year after. This was someone who was in the top 5 in the world.I had been given free tickets and some hospitality passes. I know they drug tested back then, but she was jacked up on something. Hammering back shots the night before she was supposed to play. Never see me more than ten feet from one because if you get too far away, someone pushes their way in. One of the tennis players walks up and orders a drink. I was just shocked that she would be drinking whiskey when she presumably had to play the next day. As I said, I don’t think she was old enough to drink, but no one was going to card.It turns out the player she was going against the next day withdrew with an injury.

She drags me to some player area and we have some food and drink, although this time she did stick to water. We get to talking and she says her boyfriend is coming that night and would I mind taking one of her friends and making it a double date because she is not sure if she is going to break up with the guy (foreign born B- list tennis player at the time and nothing now) and wanted some people with her. On the bed is a guy who is definitely not the tennis player boyfriend. As I found out later it is a foreign born at the time B- list golfer who moved to A+ and still has A list name recognition. Apparently he was not supposed to be in town but turned up when he missed a cut. She then grabs this wine bucket and pukes in the bucket before getting up to go to the bathroom.

She decides she is going to break up with the tennis player, but is scared so proceeds to have about five shots before we go, leaving the golfer behind. As she gets up and is helped by my “date,” she turns to the tennis player and tells him they are breaking up and that she is “f**king” someone else.

It was during one of those mindless tennis tournaments that go on between the Grand Slams. I told her I admired her taste and I thought she was going to do that whole why is this creepy looking dude talking to me about whiskey and how can I get out of this gracefully in case he is a reporter look.

Just another week with 32 tennis players hoping to pick up a few bucks in the middle of nowhere. He took the time to say hi to everyone who recognized him from television and he autographed a pair of pants for a guy that only someone like Bud would like. Instead, I got a smile and witnessed her slam it down in one shot before ordering another.

Nothing of note really happened that week, but a few weeks later, tennis, or at least one player would be front and center in my life for about a week. She then questioned my manliness because I was still drinking my drink.

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The crazy thing about this tennis player is that she was one of the top ranked women in the world when this happened back in the day and is still one of the top ranked women in the world. One of the things you got to also do with these passes was go to an event that featured a lot of the tennis players before the week of play actually started. Well, I couldn’t have that and the next thing you know we each had five or six shots.

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