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This new shiny addition is a gateway to your journey into Aquaculture!Simply crafting it will enable all the features of the mod.By using a new fishing rod, I was able to avoid making base class edits ot the game which would severely harm any compatibility with other mods as well as ceaselessly complicating multiplayer/updates.If you want to help keep us updated: https://twitter.com/Spigot_MC We need a spigot at 1.9, once that is out we need atleast 24 hours to test plugins before going 100% live on the main.

I just wanted to inform you that the donation store is back up, with even better options!

Anyway, I won't be announcing when this all goes into play, you will just have to keep checking and see ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 1: We are on 1.9, but no plugins.

Penzcraft: A 24/7 18+ Adult Minecraft Server for adults to relax and enjoy playing Vanilla Minecraft. Having an ally is encouraged, however, be aware, you can't trust everyone! /pet /pet call /pet list /pet remove /pet help Looting IV Sword Unbreaking IV sword Knockback 3 sword Eff VI Pick - Axe - Shovel Unbreaking IV Pick - Axe - Shovel Fort IV pick Elytra with Unbreaking V Bow with Punch 3 and Unbreaking IV Stick with Knockback VIII and more! Including a choice of one of these things when you support for your first time, or if you are renewing. You can read more here: We are expecting to be on 1.10 by the end of this week(or earlier). So please, if you love this server, show your appreciation! However, this doesn't mean we will be getting all plugins back.

A long running 18 plus adult minecraft server with an ongoing community of players that is increasing everyday. They aren't protected areas so you need to do a residence for your build. This means you have to be crafty on how you hide your stuff! Chat will be promixity, so you can only talk to someone within 100 blocks of you! Just type /buy ingame or click "Donate Now" up top! (But just you playing here is good enough for us ) Also, if we hit the goal, I will extend the borders of the world by 2.5k in each direction. We still have the issues of cost, so we are limited on what we can throw into the server. We will be getting these plugins back: Essentials Residence Lockette Chestshop Sound familiar?

Active communities of players looking for a positive experience and a vanilla minecraft server. Need to test that redstone build you've been wanting to do? It's just a super flat world, but the chats are linked so you can still talk to your friends! When the 2-3 weeks is over, you will screenshot 1 small chest with your points in it, and send it to the user Treasure Collector on the forums. NOTE: To make it fun for all, we will require at least 8 submissions by the end of the event, so bring your friends! Thanks for making this server a great place to play, and I hope you all know how appreciative I am of you guys being here. Please note: The server could be down for shorter/longer period of time due to any issues we may have. That's the core plugins we had on the first world, and we are happy to bring them back.

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