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SCE, you’re seriously screwing up this gen, your marketing is just terrible.said: After the horrible disappointment that is known as R2, I’m begging, drooling, and ready to roll over for this game.I’ve been waiting for a game that captured a scene of shear destruction in an hellishly apocalyptic way, and no joke, this is almost picture for picture of what I had pictured in my head. I love it all (especially the bolt gun, I hope you guys have more new weapons up your sleeve because so far I’m definitely impressed : D ) So in short, I love it, Thank you guys so much for working so hard on this game :) said: i played the beta and its the greatest game i ever played in mine life some of mine friends who have other systems are saying they are now buying a ps3 .if we have 15 million psn subscribers i really cant see how kz2 cant sell 5 million in 1 you have 2 get da word out about this game to the causal gamer fed 27 is when everone have tax rebate checks and there ready 2 spend it on something . Off-topic: Mike, what exactly does Santa Monica Studio do?

Another video from developer Guerrilla Games sheds light on the multiplayer mode called “Warzone,” a mode that rotates through different gametypes until the match ends.

Head on back early next week for a special inside look at Guerrilla Games.

Also, preview coverage of the game has started to hit the internet.

Check out some of the following links to get some impressions of the game so far.

said: This is great news, hopefully we can get some exclusive res pictures over at Triple so we can make up some killer tags for all the Killzone fans out there. -James Triple Community Manager said: You know, i’m very hyped about KZ2, but with all the leaked videos from the beta and the media blowout, i believe we have seen enough videos.

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How about you release a online/offline demo on the Playstation Store ?

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