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His cock and her fingers glistened with some sort of gel that Michelle had apparently squeezed out of the tube she held in her other hand.

Jon alternated between watching Michelle stroke Sam and watching Vanessa ride up and down on him for a while until Michelle released Sam and moved beside Vanessa.

– Smiling, said, “Karas”, which obviously has not always been a simple fisherman. – Honestly, I do not even know – again muttered “bald”, wearing glasses and rubbed his high forehead – if only …

Well, first of all, of course, about human depravity and perversion!

At such moments he wanted to pounce on her, to trample down and selflessly love, to pain, to a shout of delight. Her hands flew to the side, and butt sticking up, as if to indicate that she is not afraid of anyone. Poor Pinocchio flattened as inanimate, not daring to breathe. On the window sill she flew across the little room on the table. And then, on the table, she grabbed the throat of Pinocchio, tumbled down, holding it in his mouth, and took off on the floor.Jon had been so involved with Vanessa he had lost track of Michelle and Sam.

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