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You create a handle, and can then give that out around the web and anyone can message you if they have it.

Then it’s up to you to if you want to reveal your true identity.

Anonyfish is frequently used in Secret to proposition people for sex.

But anonymous sharing app Secret plans to release its own native private chat feature, founders David Bytow and Chrys “We’re working on it and we ultimately we want to facilitate human connection.

You should be able to take [conversations] offline.

I think Anonyfish has shown that” Bader-Wechseler said.

Anonyfish is a third-party anonymous private 1-on-1 chat site created by Phillip Kaplan.

However, when I checked mine, I found a message from a university student asking for help with her dissertation, and one from an old colleague asking to meet for a coffee.Read more: There's ANOTHER hidden game inside Facebook Messenger - here's how to play it I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to both of you for never replying.Follow the instructions above to find out what's lurking in your Facebook spam folder.Facebook ditched the "other" inbox last year in favour of message requests, which allow you to accept or ignore new requests without the requester knowing whether you've read their message.Facebook said at the time that it would "ruthlessly combat" spam messages, to stop them cropping up as requests in your inbox.

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