Sccm update collection membership not updating

This is both in terms of the number of automatic update groups you create and the amount of updates they are allowed to contain.

Every time a software update group changes the agent has to rescan all the content of that group.For this reason you want to keep automatic update groups to a minimum!I had a real eye opener at a conference recently that made me sort of "un-learn" a lot of notions that had been drilled into my brain based on three separate SCCM 2012 books.I thought I'd share some of that here so (hopefully) others won't have to struggle with repeated "trial and error" attempts to roll out a solid SCCM 2012-based software updates strategy: Don't split updates up by product name! The client agent on the local machine will determines product categories automatically and only downloads the updates that are needed!Instead separate and name your software update groups by periods of time.

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