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It helps explain the desperate position in which the duchess found herself a few days ago, cajoling and wheedling for a £500,000 payday in return for an introduction to her ex-husband.

There comes a point in her repeated financial crises where, again and again, she simply loses touch with reality.

Clandestine meetings in hotels and late-night dinners with foreign princes are not part of the real world - but then neither is Fergie any more.

In return for a handful of chump-change, she has blown all prospect of future happiness and any chance she might have had to rehabilitate herself in the public eye.

High life: Fergie with daughter Princess Beatrice on a yacht in Cannes, France, on Friday.

She has been described as 'greedy and needy' after allegedly attempting to sell access to her former husband, Prince Andrew For the duchess has been an accident waiting to happen for a very, very long time.

A former friend I spoke to yesterday summed her up: 'In a word, "greedy". She lost the plot a long time ago.' So nobody should be surprised at her unfrocking by an undercover reporter posing as a businessman - only that it took so long to come about. Yesterday's revelations are sure to trigger a rush by her many creditors to get their bills settled before the duchess sinks for ever in the bankruptcy proceedings which seem certain to engulf her following the revelation that she has no money left. 'Sarah's reaction to what was an extreme situation was remarkably calm,' recalled her former friend and adviser Dr Allan Starkie of a former crisis.

'You have done more to bring shame on the Royal Family than could ever have been imagined.

Clearly you have never considered the damage you are doing us all. ' So wrote Princess Margaret to the Duchess of York almost two decades ago: her words ring just as fresh and true today.

Selfish and stupid from start to finish, Sarah York will probably never comprehend the damage she has done to the Queen, to her ex-husband, to her children.

Indeed, she owes bills across town and, weeks ago, friends signalled to me that they feared her overdraft is as high as it was in the bad old days. 'She looked on her overdraft as something which has nothing to do with banks or people - it was just a bad circumstance, like having a sick child.' In his book Fergie: Her Secret Life he detailed the lies and evasions perpetrated in her name to keep creditors at bay - and the lengths to which she was prepared to go in her attempts to regain solvency.

Last time around - immediately after her 1996 divorce from Prince Andrew - Fergie was indulged by the banks who asked too few searching questions about her precarious financial status and extended her line of credit. She even attended an intimate dinner with an Arab prince, whom she named Rubber Lips, after she suggested he pay off her multi-million pound overdraft and he did not say no.

Clearly the prince was expecting something in return, recalled Starkie.

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