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Great Expectations is a matchmaking dating service with more than 35 years of experience that caters to the busy working professional. I paid 00.00 to this dating site for a lifetime membership. I never finished signing up and I never gave my credit card (thank God). I blocked their number and they left messages from different numbers.

Great Expectations has merged today’s technology with old fashioned matchmaking methods to become a leader in the dating industry. I spent $$$ for this service, was told I would have a counselor type person that would call me on a regular basis and work with me to find matches. When I called them 5 years later to use the site again they told me that I did not have a lifetime membership, and that the type of membership I bought was only 5 years. I blocked those too then they started leaving messages from "Private Number" unlisted numbers which you cannot block.

To learn more about Great Expectations call, 866-907-5046 or visit I asked to speak to the sales person that sold me the membership, she was not in. I have called several time in the past 2 months but my calls have been ignored. I called them three times and asked them to stop calling me. " I said, "I asked you to stop calling three times now." The girls was flippant and insulting.

Great Expectations also goes under the name Cleveland Singles and a few other names.

She made no indication that she would pass the word not to call my number. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and waiting on results.

I don't see any way that this could possibly do more than irritate people who inquired of their company. If you are unhappy because you have been mislead please do the same.

If more of us file a complaint the Attorney General's Office will investigate. They had told me they would send me two guys per week and would check on me weekly.

I did not give them permission to call me so if they decide to call me I will hire an attorney first thing tom!

I thought it was really weird for someone to call me for permission to call me about payments before any payments were even made. I should have sued because I had proof, but I was too busy. The personnel were rarely helpful and very condescending most of the time.

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It makes sense that they do not let you get on the website until weeks after you have already signed up. The paperwork and recordings said they would pay for some activities. They also said they would set up some meetings with other clients. However, they were filled a list of nice looking successful available men in my area, when I originally meant with them.

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