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I am not very good at the asinine bullshit/social Kabuki required to convince some girl to come back to my apartment. Plus, they did not answer my question about 8 a.m.: At work. While I do not shit where I eat, I do enjoy the dirty thoughts that come to mind. I love admiring the bodies of these “effortless perfection” style/ex-sorostitute chicks that live in my neighborhood.

My shrink tells me that I am excluding an entire dating pool — and one that will probably give me the sex I seek — but I can’t shake off some of my residual high-school/college issues. p.m.: Hitting my favorite bar in the East Village. I have told my shrink that I think I am a misogynist. She is likely the wielder of the strap-on in her same-sex relationship, but she is empathetic and straight to the point. But I might be confusing causation with couple from New Jersey winked at me again. Now, I have done some stupid things in my sexual odyssey, but I am very careful about bareback sex.

I know that as a former black nerd who likes middle-class white girls, I am at a bit of a competitive disadvantage, but with that said — and I am being honest here — I have significant relational issues with African-American women. No eye candy, but people aren’t hogging machines either. When I get a chick one-on-one — either on a date or Internet encounter — my hit rate gets a lot higher because I can control the environment and the “message,” so to speak.

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9 a.m.: Wake up hung-over and stumble to the bathroom. I am well versed in great airport hotels that offer discretion and value. Oh well, with all the dirt I have done, politics was always out of the question, plus there’s no money in it. I like dating older women because they are more open in bed and less possessive. p.m.: Early night, as I want to get some rest before hitting the town hard tomorrow. I fire up the dark cavern (Interracial amateur and meeting site) and Mrpeepers (amateur porn) do the trick.

I am still not sure if they are real or if she had a good doctor. However, the realist in me knows that girls like that make you pay the “girlfriend tax.” 11 p.m.: At home and horny again. I fire up — it combines two aspects of porn I thoroughly enjoy: black-on-white sex and amateur cliché — the jaded New Yorker with the magical “ex” they cannot get over. with cantaloupe breasts and a slim waist; too bad she’s a cliché as a single mom. 7 p.m.: See this banging Latina with sweater straining over fake breasts. I am a politics junkie so I spend a lot of time on before working on my morning briefs. White women of a certain age — in my experience — use “cock” a lot. This was great, mainly because I went into drinks not expecting anything.

She is petite — five foot two at the most and around 125 pounds that she wears well, with massive D cups. They hit the gym like clockwork and really work hard at taking care of themselves. I am backing up a colleague, so I get to work a little earlier than usual.

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