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This has been well-proven including in our own article on long-term Asset Class Performance.But even if stocks have been historically the best investment in the long-term, investors still have to live through the annual and even the daily and hourly losses that come with investing in stocks.The following graphs show the historical annual returns on U. large cap stocks as represented by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index The graph above shows that the total return (capital gain plus dividends) on the Dow Jones Industrial Average have been positive in the great majority of years since 1930.Despite some huge loss years, the DJIA has been a big money maker over the years.However, note that negative returns are worse than they look on the chart because, for example a 50% drop, requires a 100% gain to be reversed.Therefore we need a preponderance of the bar areas to be positive.

2008 had been a horrible year for stocks and in early 2009 the carnage had continued. To just about everyone’s surprise the market ended up fully recovering by around the end of 2010. It took gains of nearly 100% from the low point in march 2009 to do that.Stocks have out-performed bonds and cash-type investments over the long-term. It is the most exciting day of the year for a Warren Buffett fan.And the joyous crowd that annually celebrates all things Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway is even a bit more joyous this year, what with their shares at all time highs, earnings strong, and their beloved one donning his safari outfit hunting for more big game for them.Money Beat was live in Omaha’s Century Link Center where more than 35,000 Buffett lovers crowded for some six hours while Buffett and sidekick Charlie Munger’s dished out investment wisdom and wit.

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Read our recap below: When the doors opened at about a.m.

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