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This is the perfect time for feminism to ride on a mind, repelled of the old restrictions. Today we pay a little visit to Iran, in hope of finding patriarchy in a highly misandric, feminist-infested culture.This view of Iranian women as oppressed by men, which has been the bread and butter of Western media and feminists, has been served to the public as a patriarchal feast.

Iranians were told billions of times about women’s issues, usually in a lying propagandist manner, and were fed the lies enough times that they actually started believing in them.So, for any blue-pill readers out there, before your reflexive defensive outburst impairs your judgment and reduces you to a shrill screaming feminist or white knight, crying “women’s issues in Iran!Iran, for instance, seems to have the least religious people among middle-eastern countries.Rejection of long-ingrained religious doctrines invariably leads to less and less obligation.And for the many who dump religious doctrines, it seems like most are keen to consent to any criticism of the culture – even an unfair one.

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