Invedit v7 the owner isn t updating beta 1 4

Apparently, fire can be used to craft chainmail armor. with the extremes of fall damage, ie nearly killing you, you take the fall damage.

Use INVedit or a similar program to give yourself fire and craft armor as you would normally with any other material. This glitch happens because the game is trying to submit two codes of the same type at once. But good point, this should definitely be fixed in the near future.

Unless you are building something like a linear subway that would otherwise take 8 hours to make, cause that much digging ruins gameplay. 99seconds , 17 November 2010 (UTC) If you fall onto fire, you take no fall damage, just fire damage EDIT, I'm a little confused now, if you would take a small amount of fall damage (around 4 hearts), you would take the fire damage.

90.1 , 13 June 2012 (UTC) I've added a section on how to make large blocks of eternal fire, but it is by no means perfect.

After punching out the flames, I only had a row of 3 left but they now burn indefinitely. -- Tukimoshi you can always use netherrack to keep burning forever.

Killrbladez , 11 December 2011 (UTC) How big of a gap can fire jump?

The rule of thumb for me seems to be "exactly one more than I thought it could".

I invite anyone with slightly pyromaniac tendencies to experiment with this and report your findings! Also, if the method is confusing or doesn't work like I described it, let me know so I can make a visual guide.

Creating it only works some of the time, but once it's going, it never goes out so far. -- Palmerj , 6 October 2010 (UTC)The first time I tried it, it burned out almost immediately and I thought I'd done something wrong. (Quite a bit more than fine actually, as it started a forest fire outside my brick house???

Oh well, I didn't really like those trees there anyway.

:)) I stuck another log right next to the first, and it took two tries for it to stick again. - Zyzzyvette , 10 October 2010 (UTC)You don't necessarily have to have non-flammable blocks adjacent to the log, just punch out the fires on the sides and bottom, leaving the fire on top, still works for me.

-- Mrnicelupe , 25 October 2010 (GMT)Brick appears to work fine also.

Creating a "fire pit" out of bricks with a wooden one in the centre and lighting the wood one on fire has worked for me.

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I tried making a 5-block star out of wood and igniting it also (Left, Right, Up, Down, Centre).

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