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In honor of this latest ode to bulging biceps and shredded abs, here's a look at the buffest of Hollywood's buff, when they were (of course) most buff.The one, the only, the inimitable Ahnold is the king of ridiculous cinematic physicality, an Austrian goliath so awe-inspiringly colossal that he remains the standard against which all wannabe action-film He-Men are judged.

It didn't, but the project — along with the accompanying in-ring WWE storyline created to promote it — did help shine a spotlight on Lister, whose physical enormity was never more impressive than when bench-pressing in this trailer.TERRY CREWS, IN There's a reason that, when they needed a pumped-up personality for their surrealistic über-macho deodorant commercials, Old Spice turned to Terry Crews.Tagged With: arsenio hall, black actors forced to wear a dress, black actors in drag, black actors in dresses, Brandon T.Big action movies require big action movie stars, and Hollywood has had no dearth of leading men willing and able to bulk up to superhuman size to carry out such ass-kicking duties.Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger made the leap from bodybuilding to big-screen heroics, Hollywood has craved ever-larger leading men for their slam-bang extravaganzas.

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This week's release of , which first brought Schwarzenegger to the mainstream — again thrusts massive male physiques back into the cinematic spotlight.

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