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Its mining heritage has recently been recognised by the United Nations (UNESCO).

Cornwall has always been fiercely proud of its Celtic identity.

For many residents, their Cornish identity supersedes either their Englishness or their Britishness.

The modern English name of the Duchy is thought to be derived from its old Celtic name, Kernou, or the Horn, from its projecting promontories. The Saxons gave the name of Wealas (foreigners) to the Britons to distinguish those who had retired into Kernou or Cornubia, whom they gave the name of Cornu-wealas.

The Cornish language is recognised internationally and has government funding, a thriving community of speakers and publishers.

It is making a successful comeback, with the number of fluent speakers now increasing and being in the thousands.

Cornwall (Cornish: Kernow) [1] is a Duchy in the extreme southwest of the UK and includes the Isles of Scilly, considered the mystical home of the legendary King Arthur.

Lying west of the River Tamar border with its nearest neighbour, Devon, Cornwall is one of the more isolated and distinct parts of the United Kingdom but is one of the most popular with travellers and holiday makers.

Its relatively warm climate, long coastline, amazing scenery, and diverse Celtic heritage (combined with tales of smuggling and pirates) go only part of the way to explaining its appeal.

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