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What finally worked for me was to edit LC_NUMERIC="sv_SE.

I want to use English language, but Swedish monetary and number settings.

UTF-8 I had the same problem for several months, a lot of software tools warned about broken locale settings, and some even refused to run.

Finally I wondered if something was already overriding "locale" variables and I ran the next command: I don't know how or when those lines ended up on my bash file, but I'm completely sure I didn't write them, maybe my .bashrc was replaced when I was working with some web-development stuff, I really don't know, but since I know this was unintentional and there are people out there with no clue about what's causing "locale" misbehavior, maybe this could help them.

UTF-8 PAPERSIZE=letter I din't want to add extra stuff to profile or bash files, mainly because although it could solve the problem I wouldn't know the cause, and that annoyed me.

But, I am unable to install Libre Office without apparently corrupting the package manager. It's been a while since this was posted but recently I had problems with "locale" variables and no answer gave me any results. My LANG variable was empty, and this was giving me problems.

It might also help to reinstall the locales in synaptic, though I cannot confirm that this is what fixed it for me, I think it was logging out or something. perhaps that is because I only have Australian English enabled.... Filtering for broken packages with Synaptic and completely removing the 9 offending packages worked for me (libreoffice and python uno). Disclaimer: There was a power failure during the last part of my installation as Ubuntu was downloading updates.

The fix I found was to log out, change the language selected before logging in, and logging in again. I see text which mentions changing language, but there is no option (buttons or suchlike).. I tried editing locale file and choosing different languages at login.

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Here I answered the same question focused on sublime T3 complaints about the LANG variable.

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