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Dodge Stuff Game Plays: 7457Category: Other Life on a construction site is hard.When it gets windy lot's of stuff comes falling down.I'm afraid your hard hat isn't enough to protect you, dodge that stuff!Dodge Stuff is a fast-paced and very accessible avoider game.The aim of the game is to destroy all the human planes wave after wave.

The game saves your high-score so you can come back later to have another go at it. 11111111 CREDITS: Coding: moomoomoomoo Microphone drawing: The White Angel Everything else drawing: Spear Dudezor Song: Rick Astley-Never Gunna Give You Up!Rick Astley Webcam Adventure Game Plays: 21398Category: Other YOU NEED A WEBCAM FOR THIS. (i did not write this song, this song is the property of mr Astley blah blah blah ; P)War of the Worlds Web Cam Game Plays: 18718Category: Action War of the Worlds is a webcam game inspired to famous alien movies.Be a part of your own Rick Astley video XDDD The game links to your webcam, and you can then don your Rick Astley mask,wig,microphone,sunglasses and even THE BARTENDER!!!!!!!!!!! It uses the motion detection, so you will be able to shoot usgin your own hands instead of the mouse.However it can sometimes be a difficult choice which way to go......Top Webcam Chat Game Game Plays: 6352Category: Rhythm The world's first video chat music game!

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