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The plot revolves around the Jordan sisters featured in Happiness: Trish, Joy, and Helen.

Meanwhile, Joy takes a break from Allen, and heads to Florida to spend time with Trish.She begins having visions of Andy, a former co-worker who had committed suicide shortly after dating her.Trish's ex-husband, Bill has been released from prison after serving a sentence for child molestation, and heads to Florida to find out how his family, particularly his eldest son, are doing.He finds brief solace in a one-night stand with Jacqueline, a self-described "monster" as filled with loneliness and self-hatred as he is; however, she kicks him out the next morning when she catches him taking money from her purse.Trish's middle child, Timmy, is preparing for his bar mitzvah and trying to determine what it means to become a man.

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  1. (Not necessarily an SO thoughout all those years, but they had at least known each other.) Not 90% of people I knew, though, and some of them have since been divorced - I'll bet that happens a lot.