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These are only noted for accuracy and take nothing away from this very rare bottle. In near mint condition, some light scratches keep it from being mint. Circa early 1900's.9 1/2" tall, clear glass crown top 1920's soda bottle. " Super mint condition with no chips, cracks, ding's or stain. This bottle is the hardest and rarest version to get from the small town of Oroville, California. A few minor scratches keep me from saying that this bottle is in mint condition. Only problem are two scratches on the back of the bottle and one on the front, to the left of the slug plate. 7 1/2" tall, round form, dark yellow green glass, with a nice glob, drippy applied lip with a smooth base. Embossed on the front: " COOS BAY / SODA WORKS / J. GOLDEN / MARSHFIELD / OREGON " A great bottle in mint condition. There is a large imperfection on the back of the bottle that looks like a burst bubble that was done in the manufacturing process. Embossed on the front : " MERRILL SODA WORKS ( in an arch ) / E. This bottle is in very near mint condition with only a few very light scratches on the back of the bottle. A very rare bottle from a small Oregon coastal town now called "Coos Bay" 6 1/2" tall, aqua glass, Hutchinson type soda bottle with a ten sided mug base. This bottle is in very near mint condition only a few very light scratches on the back of the bottle. Embossed on a slanted angle on front panel: " NEVADA CITY BOTT. Glass is textured and ribbed so it could be held after being pulled out of a ice water bath, coca cola type dispensing machine. 7" tall, aqua color glass, early blob top, hutchinson type soda bottle. Embossed on front: " CLARKE & WHITE (in an arch) / C / NEW YORK. darker aqua glass with a tooled top and a smooth base. Embossed in slug plate on front of bottle : " BAY VIEW BOTTLING / WORKS / SEATTLE WASH. Bottle has loads of small bubbles and crudeness to the glass. " Bottle has nice crude, textured, whittled glass and is loaded with thousands of seed bubbles. These are the most watched antique bottle auctions in the pre-1900 era category.The best of the best will show up here in our top bidding section because users have selected these bottles to keep track of them in their "My Ebay" bidding and watching page.Come back and check this page often because it updates automatically as auctions expire and more are added.

Super mint condition this bottle would make a nice addition to any soda collection 6 7/8" tall, Hutchinson type soda. aqua glass with a crude tooled top and a smooth base. Just a minor ding ( no glass missing ) and a small surface open bubble on the back of the bottle. It does have few scratches, some spotty haze and a small base, heal chip which can be seen in my third picture.

Embossed on the front : " BERNARD Mc GINITY ( in an arch ) / SACRAMENTO / CAL. But, It does have it's problems which I will describe next. This is a very hard bottle to find since Bernard Mc Ginity started his business in 1894 and then closed it in 1899. These are not bad but I wanted to note them for accuracy. The is also some highpoint case wear on some of the letters.

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7 " tall, very light aqua glass, tooled crown top with a smooth mug base that is embossed with the mark of the Holt Glass Works in Berkley, California ( 338 H ) . Embossed on the front : " SISKIYOU NATURAL ( in a arch ) / MINERAL WATER / SODA SPRINGS / ORE. Not a problem, it actually adds visual appeal to the bottle. Swirl lines in the shoulder area and strong embossing make this a great piece. Circa early 1899.11 3/4" tall, round form quart, aqua glass, crude, blob top, smooth base. It has a lot of small bubbles throughout the glass.

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" This is a very rare bottle from a place that does not exist anymore. In near mint condition with only a few light scratches, one very small pin point ping on the heal of the bottle and some case wear on the word " ORE ". There are some white swirls throughout the bottle also. Embossed in slug plate: " BARTLETT (in an arch) / SPRING (in a reverse arch) / MINERAL WATER / CALIFORNIA (in an arch)" This bottle is in near mint condition and has nice seed bubbles and texture to the glass. This is a hard western mineral water bottle to get with the word California on it. This bottle is in near mint condition with some very light spotty haze.

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