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JBL is an American audio electronics company founded by James B. JBL produces loudspeakers as well as a number of associated electronics for both personal and professional use.

JBL Professional produces audio equipment for sound studios, touring, and installed sound for cinemas.

Originally, all of JBL's products were professional grade.

In the 1970s JBL developed the 4310 professional model speakers, which quickly became one of JBL's most successful products ever.

During that time, a new marketing director came aboard with the idea of packaging their products for consumers and launching a new sales campaign. Consumers searching for vintage JBL speakers can make more informed purchasing decisions when they have information about the attributes of each of the top five models.

The JBL 4311B speakers are large bookshelf-type ported speakers.

They praise the 4311B's bright and punchy sound, but feel these bookshelf speakers lack soundstage depth.

The JBL L100 Floor-standing speaker was introduced to consumers in 1970 at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Consumers, however, did not like it, so it was reverted back to the paper tweeter of earlier models, and the new version dubbed the 4311B.

These heavy speakers weighing approximately 44 pounds each are finished in walnut veneer.

The JBL 4311B speakers are known for their power efficiency.

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