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It might make simple sense under a lot of circumstances.

For some women, years of abuse adds up to seeing men as the enemy. Do you know how many young women have already accumulated more than a few deeply traumatic experiences, the likes of which would test any woman's ability to keep an open mind about the opposite sex?

You're very young and maybe a little bit lucky so far, so you'll be forgiven for not having considered this before. While you're at it, familiarize yourself with the world around you.

And you also know that for every man in America there's an article about how women are overgrown, spoiled children, how women have babies to use as pawns in nasty divorces, how women only like guys who will slap them across the face every once in a while.

I may be single and fairly young, but I've dated and known enough men to know that when women make their broadly disparaging comments, they're speaking from bitterness and not reality.

And if no one you knew loved what they did for a living, or no one bothered to tell you what they did love, you might think having a career was a way of getting tricked into an endless miserable slog toward mediocrity.

Digging for gold might make simple sense under those circumstances.

Dear Polly, I was arguing with a friend the other day about which is true: that our (middle-class American) problems today are way too big or much too small.

He thinks they're too small — food, water, shelter, and sex are here in abundance, and everything is too easy. I look around and I see pandemics waiting to wreak havoc, I see violent ideologies gaining steam, and I see a breakdown in relations between the sexes. But dang it, I'm 22 and single and it's the last that keeps me up at night as I wrap an arm around myself and pretend it's someone else's.

I've read your bio and know you used to write comics for a website called, so I imagine you have at least a fingertip on the pulse of the more, shall I say, cynical side of the internet?

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