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Since then I've always had a warm spot in my heart for her. She really needed a better director.[quote]Benanti is too strong for Amalia. Also, both women -- and most of the rest of cast -- make it seem like the show is taking place in Manhattan in 2016, not in Budapest in 1934.[quote]The perfect casting would have been Jessie Mueller and Analeigh Ashford. Are you aware that Jessie has already played Amalia?Happy to hear she's giving a great performance and seems to be doing well.[quote][R47] attendance low? See link to video clip, in which she is perfection. Remember that Krakowski was the one who would not do Sweet Charity unless Neil Simon made the character less of a doormat.-grosses have been solid for K&IIt hasn't been awful, [R48], but it has to be a fairly expensive show to run, and it's dipped into the 0,000 range twice. Both the female characters are being played as more empowered because the producers are afraid that women, particularly Manhattan women will find the characters unsympathetic if played a written.OTOH, it is a Lincoln Center production at the Beaumont, so they don't have to worry about anyone utilizing the stop clause. Could someone make a case for why this was a great, or even just good, performance? She's a hopeless romantic Both ladies are playing the roles against what's written. R70, I don't think the problem is that Amalia and Ilona are being played as more "empowered" than they should be.I thought we were done with having to see/hear the obnoxious nickname Groffsauce once he left the show. Does anyone think DISASTER invited the Tony voters already? Wow, everyone, thanks for the heaping helping of scornflakes! Saw Marin Mazzie give an incredibly glorious and high-energy performance of Anna last night. Shocking that she could give that performance on a two-show day five minutes after cancer remission and Audra Ann missed 4 performances of SHUFFLE because she had a cold.

The problem is that Benanti and Krakowski are playing them as too modern-American -- though they obviously don't see this as a problem -- and also that Krakowski is too much a vamp for 1934. He has a career that seems to be stalling, he's getting older, and he has a lifelong drug problem, you do the math. I think Scott Ellis is the kind of director who does a decent job in terms of staging and blocking but leaves the actors to their own devices as far as interpretation, etc.

A woman in a big city today could behave like that and not be thought of as slutty, but not in 1934 in any city.[quote] So what is going on with Cheyenne Jackson? Which works fine when everyone in the cast knows what they're doing and they're all on the same page, but not so much when they don't and aren't.

It's because Marin prefers Taco Bell to Chipotle."A lot of the "backlash" I've seen with Hamilton is not really the media attention, because really if you don't follow musical theatre I doubt you'll notice much of the media attention concerning it and it's easy to ignore, but the price of the tickets. Deleted his very active Instagram page but only after posting some rather depressing pictures from his old neighborhood in New York, cancelled a lot of performances over the past few months, lots of weird stories about his and his husband's involvement in the controversial Landmark Forum. I also heard that Marin is wonderful and her chemistry with Daniel Dae Kim is lovely and solid as his cute perky bubble butt ;) Btw, have you seen Audra in Shuffle? Also, there's virtually no chance of 'She Loves Me' extending, right?

There definitely is a small backlash brewing concerning how expensive the tickets are."And that a show which SAYS it was created to reverse historical injustices actually CREATES another.[quote] Wow, everyone, thanks for the heaping helping of scornflakes! I haven't seen it, but, based on the reviews and comments I've heard, I'm surprised that it didn't get more nominations, especially for Sheik or Walker. I saw her on a 2 show day and that evening performance she was on fire and nailed every nuance etc. [quote]Sorry, Kelli at [R35], but Marin happens to be an incredibly talented person whose talent is only outshone by her kindness, intelligence, wit, and wonderful personality.

Since many of you are not subscribers, you're at the mercy of those of us who are allowed to create threads, both in when they are created and how they are titled. I probably can't make it back to NY until late Fall / early Winter. It's my favorite R&H, but, am I wrong in thinking this production never caught fire the way that LCT's South Pacific did? Kelli really is a sweetheart, [R37], unlike the grade A cunt posting as [R35]. ) can be a bit of a cheerleader for Marin, but what's wrong with that, especially given all she went through last year? I hope sales for The King and I pick up, but I'm glad Marin is back on the stage, no matter what. I just remember her as lovely, friendly, and chatty.

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