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For each of these various kinds and purposes, information exists on many levels of quality and reliability.

It ranges from very good to very bad and includes every shade in between. Now, as I just said above, there is a lot of high quality information available through the Internet.

Unfortunately, however, there is also a large amount of misinformation (honest people mistakenly spreading false information), together with the information warfare ammunition: disinformation (dishonest people knowingly spreading false information), half truths, distortions, urban legends, fallacies, exaggerations, and plain old lies.

So you need to adopt a skeptical attitude toward all knowledge claims.

You don't have to believe everything you read, hear, or see.

Information is everywhere on the Internet, existing in large quantities and continuously being created and revised.This information exists in a large variety of kinds (facts, opinions, stories, interpretations, statistics) and is created for many purposes (to inform, to persuade, to sell, to present a viewpoint, and to create or change an attitude or belief).Think about the magazine section in your local grocery store.If you reach out with your eyes closed and grab the first magazine you touch, you are about as likely to get a supermarket tabloid as you are a respected journal (actually more likely, since many respected journals don't fare well in grocery stores).Now imagine that your grocer is so accommodating that he lets anyone in town print up a magazine and put it in the magazine section.

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