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The first thing Amy needed to know is what single men are looking for in a woman and then adjust her profile to reflect these qualities.

Posting a profile as a man for a month, she examined how the "popular" women on JDate described themselves.

She discovered that the most active women's profiles used language that shared their aspirations such as "I want to travel" or "A big ambition of mine is …

" Amy found their descriptions were short (under 500 words) and "easygoing, youthful and spontaneous." She also discovered that the popular women online reached out to men, sending friendly, informal messages that were short and mentioned something that caught their attention.

After a series of terrible dates, Amy Web, 30, decided to get serious about her approach to dating online.She realized her profile was clearly missing something to attract men.So, she put her data analysis background to work and figured out how to improve her results and, ultimately, find a husband.And worse, you don't want to bring out a sense of competition in a man—that is the most anti-romantic thing you can do!I am not suggesting that you dumb down your accomplishments or not be yourself, but this is only for the profile. Responding to a man’s email within 24 hours works best.

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