American man dating chinese women

If you ask them to make you a cup of coffee, most of them would tell you to make it yourself.With all due respect, many women in America have actually lost the art of being women and understanding men.On the other hand, Chinese women are much more comfortable in their femininity.They do make better mates because they come from more conservative and family oriented cultures where relationships and commitment are actually revered.If an American woman is attractive, she has guys falling all over her.American men have come to practically worship at the feet of beautiful women.

Chinese women also take good care of the family and enjoy housework.

They will serve their husband tea when he walks in the door, and massage his tired shoulders in the evening.

Recently we have received comments from one of our members about how differently his American ex-wife and Chinese girlfriend responded after he told them his team had lost a national competition.

The response from the ex was “All that expensive training and practices were a waste of time and money then,” while his Chinese girlfriend said “Dear, though you have not won the match, but you in my heart is the best. So this gentleman came to the conclusion that Chinese women are totally supportive and loyal, while American women are judgmental and sarcastic.

Of course, it is unfair to generalize about that because women are women no matter which part of the world they are in. However, Chinese women do have certain good traits which are not commonly seen in American women, which make them more attractive to many American men.

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