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Hour 1: Pedal to the Medal wine is ready to be opened TODAY and Tom talks of how that relates to your goals and ambitions.

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This is especially true if a date unexpectedly shows up with an uninvited girlfriend, as theyre scamming for free food or need an excuse to leave, without you. No Coworkers- Leykis claims dating coworkers risks being sued for sexual harassment and leads to awkward working relationships.

Tom does make exception if you don't care about your job or wouldn't mind quitting or getting fired as a result of dating a coworker. Cell phones- If a female answers a cell-phone call, or responds to text messages, in the middle of dinner, Leykis advises that the male should immediately get up and leave.

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Never Spend More Than on a Date-Leykis 101 students are cautioned against spending more than on a date.

Leykis believes that expensive dinners, pricey gifts, elaborate flowers and the like do not increase the chances of sex. Because when you go to the ATM, it is the most common fast cash option. Three Strikes Rule-If a woman does not "put out" (i.e., consent to sex) by the third date, a Leykis 101 student should "dump that bitch" ("DTB" for short) because she has no intention of ever doing so. Always Use a Condom- Self explanatory, even if she's on the pill.

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